The purpose of the PIFotal study is to see how you take your inhaler medications for COPD.

Background PIFotal study

COPD is treated with inhalers. These inhalers contain inhalation drugs. These drugs have to be inhaled into the lungs to be effective. An example of an inhaler that can be used is a ‘dry-powder inhaler’. When you use this type of inhaler, two things are important: (1) you need to use the right type of inhaler and (2) you need to use the inhaler correctly.
In this research we focus on the use of the right type of inhaler for you and applying the correct inhalation technique.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of participating in this study?

Possible advantages
• You will receive advice that can improve your inhalation technique.
• With the knowledge we gain in this research, COPD can potentially be treated better in the future.
A possible disadvantage
• Your visit to the practice/pharmacy might take longer than usual.

What does the study look like?

The study is executed during 1 visit to your healthcare professional. It will take approximately 30-60 minutes.
The illustration depicts an overview of the study steps.

Step 1. & 2. Your healthcare professional will assess if you are eligible for participation in the study.

Step 3. You will be asked to provide written informed consent.

Step 4., 5. & 6. Several measurements to determine the strength of your inhalation.

Step 7. Filling out three questionnaires about your health and medication use.

Step 8. A video recording of your inhalation.

Step 9. If you want, you can receive inhalation instructions to improve your inhalation technique.

Step 10. The study will be finished.

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